Another election season is upon us. In order to have an election season, you need some candidates. In Ravalli County, the deadline for filing for city elections in Hamilton, Darby and Stevensville is Thursday June 30.
County Election Administrator Regina Plettenberg said there is one mayoral election this fall -- in Darby.
Hamilton will be electing a new Treasurer - a position currently held by Sue Smith, who was appointed by the council. And the City Judge position is up for election.
In Darby, Hamilton and Stevensville, seats on the respective councils will be filled in the election. Hamilton has one seat open in each of its three Wards - with a filing fee of $87.
Darby has two council positions open - one in each Ward, and so does Stevenville. Filing fee in those towns is $15.
If you have questions, call the election office at 375-6550, or drop by the County Election Administrators Office on South 4th Street in the Ravalli Administration Center.