Last Saturday, the residents at Discovery Care Centre in Hamilton watched with shock and amazement as Dominic Farrenkopf underwent a transformation.

In his annual fundraiser, "Give That Boy A Haircut," Dominic let the raffle winner - Alyssa Lough-Howe - cut his hair any way she wished.

The colorful wings reminded us of something - so we posed him next to the Hamilton Business Plaza's signature moose statue...twin sons of different mothers.

Farrenkopf, the resident activities director at Discovery, raises the money for the Bitterroot Youth Home summer activities. This year, a new record amount was raised - over $2,300.

Dominic is allowed to wear the "do" for a week at Discovery. Then, he cuts it off and starts growing his locks for next year.

By the way, Dominic will be on KLYQ Radio's Event Show at 8am Friday morning with his "Top 10" list of comments about his rainbow hair.