The Boshae family has been generous to the community - and it continues through the Christmas season.

Steve's Christmas tree lot in the Albertson's parking lot in Hamilton donates a dollar from each tree sale to the Hamilton High School Music Department.

Steve has been doing this for nine years now and has raised over $6,000 for the musicians.

He helps out the Speech and Debate crew at Hamilton High School, too. He does that every June, leading up to the 4th of July with his fireworks sales booths in town and a public fireworks display at the Hamilton High School parking lot. (By the way, he'll be selling fireworks again, right after Christmas for New Year's Eve - at the same location as the Christmas tree lot.)

Steve enjoys meeting the families looking for a Christmas tree and he tries to meet all the different needs with various types of plantation trees to "wild" trees from the forest. He's also invited other folks to sell their garland, wreaths and custom Christmas tree stands at his lot. There's even a throne ready for Santa whenever he drops by.

The Hamilton High School band will be stopping by Wednesday, December 5, after school (that's a tentative date) to play a few tunes and thank Steve for his continued support of their program.

It's all part of shopping locally here in the Bitterroot Valley. Here's a perfect example of how local dollars help in unexpected ways. Thanks, Steve!