Students at The University of Montana and some faculty met at the oval Today, May 1, to protest projected cuts in the university's budget. Many protestors offered recommendations on what to cut and complained that budget decisions had not involved all interested parties. Some of those fears appear to be premature.

"No decisions have been made to date regarding any kind of budget reduction" said UM vice president for integrated communications Peggy Kuhr. "We are projecting that we will need to make reductions and all of the conversation so far has been part of the 'what if' scenario."

According to the administration, the discussion of what to cut and where is still ongoing. It will also include all interested parties.

"There is a whole series of meetings that happen every year with several committees," said Kuhr. "The key committee, in the end, is what is called the university budget committee, and that does have broad representation from all groups."

The next budget meeting will occur Thursday, in the University Center at two p.m.