Antarctic Crash Site Found – No Survivors
Wellington, NZ (AP)
Search helicopters have found the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in Antarctica carrying three Canadians.
Search crews said they were not able to land at the site but that nobody could have survived the crash.
Two helicopters reached the site late Saturday after bad weather t…
Three Canadians Missing in Antarctic Plane Crash
(With additional information from the Associated Press)
A missing Twin Otter aircraft carrying three Canadians has apparently crashed in the Queen Alexandra Range of mountains near the Beardmore Glacier. The plane was flying from the South Pole (see photo) to Terra Nova Bay Wednesday...
Antarctic Study Co-Authored by Fritsen of Corvallis
Christian Fritsen, formerly of Corvallis, Montana, and a former post-doc researcher at MSU Bozeman, has co-authored a study on bacteria that live in an under-ice lake in Antarctica.
Fritsen, polar scientist John Priscu and Alison Murray of the Desert Research Insitute of Reno, Nevada, published the s…