Missoula Police Searching for Owners of Around 70 Stolen Bikes
All summer long, Missoula Police have been following up on increased reports of bike theft in town and recently uncovered a stash with dozens and dozens of stolen bicycles.
"We devoted a lot of resources to this," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh...
Bike for Beer
What would you do if your favorite bar was on wheels? What if your favorite bar was environmentally friendly and could take you to other bars? Well, in places like Minneapolis, Nashville and San Diego, this is a reality.
MSU Rides Away with 5 Awards
Montana State University's "Thundercat" human-powered vehicle won a number of awards at the Mechanical Engineer Human Powered Vehicle Challenge in Bozeman.
The 18 collegiate teams had to fight strong winds in the competition at the MSU campus in the 3-day event...