Santa Says: ‘See Ya Next Year!”
His work done for another, Santa waves goodbye to all the good boys and girls.
And, remember, he and his helpers are on duty all year long. So be good for goodness' sake!
Merry Christmas from KLYQ Radio and
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas from KLYQ Radio, 1240 AM, and TownSquare Media. Christmas at St Mary's Mission in Stevensville.
The Best Christmas Jammies Video
Do you have that family member or friend who sends out a three page Christmas letter detailing everything wonderful their family has done in the year? I think everyone knows someone like that don’t they? I would love to be one of those people. However, all I seem to be able to do is get a fami…
My 8 Favorite Holiday Treats
There is a lot of baking that goes on in my house during the Christmas season. Whether it is with the kids, by myself, with family members or with friends, baking is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Not only is making these holiday goodies fun, it is also satisfying. For your belly that is.
There’s Another Santa Claus, There’s Another …
KLYQ was happy to have Santa Claus (or someone who looked a lot like him) at the weekly Event Show interview program Friday, December 20.
The jolly old elf was handing out candy canes throughout downtown Hamilton Friday and was occasionally stopped so a wish or two could be whispered in his ear...

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