Hamilton Schools 6am – 2-Hour Delay on Friday
Hamilton School District has a two-hour delay this morning, Friday, Jan 20. Superintendent Duby Santee said the icy conditions around Hamilton are causing the delay. So, a two-hour delay for buses and classes today in Hamilton.
Almost all Missoula schools are haveing a "snow Day" and are…
Schools Delay Operations Thursday
The rain on top of the foot of snow in the valley is causing changes in operation at valley schools.
Hamilton - All buses and schools will start two hours later today.
Corvallis - All buses and schools will run two hours later today
Iowa Lottery Winner Finally Claims $16.5 Million
On Monday, the deadline passed for an unknown $77 million lottery winner in Georgia to claim the prize. Unbelievable as that may have been, officials in Iowa had a similar situation — days before the deadline, a Hot Lotto ticket worth $16.5 million was still unaccounted for.
But no more. In a squeake…
Post Office Closures Delayed
Decisions about possible US Post Office closings will be delayed until May of 2012. The Postal Service made the announcement Dec 14, saying that Congress would get time to address to agency's financial problems.
US Senator from Montana Jon Tester reacted favorably to the announcement, saying that…