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Simple Apple Spice Dump Cake Recipe
Every time I go to the grocery store I pick up a cake mix or two. There is a shelf in my pantry completely devoted to baking supplies. I love to make cupcakes and cakes. I make cupcakes at least once a week. You might wonder how I don’t have a weight problem with a hobby like this. The answer …
Healthy Cowboy Cookie Recipe
My husband’s favorite cookies of all time are cowboy cookies. He loves them because they are the perfect mix of oatmeal, walnuts and chocolate chips all in one delicious cookie. This recipe takes the original and makes it even better by making it a little better for you.
Cherry Pie Pocket Recipe
All of my boys (my husband included) love pie. I can never just bake one pie. I have to make at least two pies every time I bake them. If I don’t, there are never any left overs and then I’m really in trouble.
Chocolate Cherry Surprise Cake Recipe
I made this cake twice last week. I got the idea from the back of the cake box. It had a recipe in which you baked two cakes and put the cake together as you normally would, except you would put the can of pie filling in the middle of the cake layers and only frost the top. I tried this and it taste…
Smores Cake Bars Recipe
With Spring here and bonfires and barbecues in our very near future, it’s time to break out the smores. This recipe is a great way to break out the smores any time of day or night. It is one of those treats that looks like it takes a lot of time and hard work to make, but is actually really ea…
Chocolate Cake with Applesauce Recipe
My mother has been telling me to substitute applesauce for oil in my recipes for the past couple years now. I haven’t tried cooking with applesauce yet, but I have tasted a few things my mother has made with it. It is surprising that you can’t taste the applesauce at all, but it does man…
Easy No Bake Oreo Cream Cheese Cupcake Recipe
It’s no surprise that Oreo is America’s favorite cookie. How could any red blooded American resist the crispy chocolate with special cream in the middle? Then there is cheese cake. The Golden Girls loved it and so do pretty much every other woman in America (and lots of men too).
Easy Cream Cheese Apple Cake Recipe
This past fall I was lucky enough to receive buckets and buckets of free apples. With all the apples I made gallons and gallons of pie filling. Since then, my family has been eating apple pies until it has come out their ears. I’m not sure if they are getting tired of them yet, but I sure am.
Healthy and Simple Fruit Cobbler Recipe
I have always loved cobblers. Fruit mixed with a crunchy crumbly topping is just divine. The one thing that did bother me was how much sugar and butter was in a cobbler. I always felt like it was making my healthy train derail.
Best and Easiest Lemon Cupcakes Ever Recipe
My brother loves lemon, always has. When we were growing up, he always wanted a lemon meringue pie for his birthday. He would always scoop the meringue off of the pie and devour the lemon custard. I haven’t ventured into making a lemon meringue pie, yet. However, I have attempted lemon bars wi…

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