dessert recipes

Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Recipe
My favorite part of cookies has always been the cookie dough. The balls of dough on the cookie sheet would disappear just as fast as my mom could put them there when my siblings and I were younger. My kids are no different. Another food my kids adore is peanut butter.
Lemon Ball Cookie Recipe
One of my boys is absolutely in love with lemon. He always wants me to make lemon meringue pie or lemon bars. I get tired of always making the same two things over and over. So, I am always searching for another lemony treat that I can make for my boys to enjoy.
Easy Crazy Chocolate Cake Recipe
I am usually a traditional cake maker. Traditional to me means that I open a box of Betty Crocker, pour in the water, oil and eggs, mix it and bake it. I have heard of making cakes and other baked good without using eggs or butter, but wasn’t ever able to find a recipe. However, I have finally…
Apple Pie Bread Recipe
If you ever go to the local bakery or drool over the pastries in the local coffee shop while you’re waiting for your latte, then you will love this simple recipe I have put together for you. I came up with this recipe while trying to make zucchini bread. It seems that I had run out of some of …
Oreo Krispy Cookie Recipe
Oreos are America’s favorite cookies, and who doesn’t love the snap, crackle and pop of Rice Krispies? So, what could be better than smashing together two of everyone’s favorites to make one heavenly crunchy treat?
Cheat on Your Cheesecake Cheesecake Recipe
Do you love cheesecake, but hate the calories? I myself am a cheesecake lover, but don’t eat it as often as I like because of how fattening it is. That, and well, to make a traditional cheesecake, you have to bake it. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a true cheesecake.
Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe
I’m not a huge peanut butter fan or a huge fudge fan, but my husband is both. Fudge is one of those desserts that people seem to think is hard to make, but it’s actually not that difficult. I like to make this for my husband when he does something nice for me, or if I’m feeling especially loving tha…
Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Roll-Up Cookie Recipe
If you’ve ever made Rice Krispie treats before then you can make these cookies. They may sound like they are hard to make, but they are actually quite easy. This recipe is pretty much making a batch of Rice Krispie treats and then frosting them. These are super simple and super delicious too.
Good For You Brownie Recipe
Who doesn’t love brownies? However, their chocolatey goodness is not always so good for you. Wouldn’t it be great if the brownies you loved were actually good for you? Well, these brownies are not as good for you as say a bowl of salad, but they are better for you than regular brownies. …