Online Creeper
I, like most people my age, have a healthy addiction to social media. I’m on Facebook at least once a day if not more. It’s a good thing I have a job or I would spend endless hours on this legal way to stalk people online.
Let Me Take a Selfie
Is anyone else annoyed by selfies? I probably wouldn’t mind them so much if they were a rare occurance. However, it seems that I can’t go one day without seeing a handful of selfies.
Why Bacon?
What is the big deal with bacon? Why does everyone love bacon so much? Everywhere I look on social media someone is posting this or that about how great bacon is. Really? Do people really have nothing better going on in their lives that they have time to talk about bacon?
What and Who Are You?
It seems that every day I peruse Facebook, someone has posted a quiz of some kind or another. I have to admit that I take almost every one of them.
Facebook Grants a Father’s Rock and Roll Wish
As anyone with a Facebook account probably already knows, the social media giant is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and they've been honoring it by giving members "look back" videos that sum up their time on the service with a heartwarming series of pictures set to…

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