Hamilton High School Greenhouse in Internet Competition
The Hamilton High School Greenhouse is "growing" project that has an opportunity to grow even more with a website grant contest.
To maximize the growing season, the students want to add a basic hoop house in which to expand once the plants are too large for the Greenhouse...
World’s Largest Message-in-a-Bottle will be On-line
Let's pretend you're on a cruise ship that is having a technical problem of some sort - like toilets backed up.
You want to signal for help.
If you used this tugboat-sized Solo bottle, your message would be noticed.
As a fun way to promote a Norwegian soft drink, Solo has spent the money to float what …
Have You Taken a Break From Facebook? Many Have
If Facebook was anything like Friendster and MySpace it would be only available in  Malaysia or reduced to a Justin Timberlake vanity product.
Yes, the Harvard-born social network has beat the odds and looks like it will be around for the long-haul. In fact, the latest debate surr…

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