forest fires

KLYQ’s Ravalli County News Story of 2012 – Smoke
In mid-August, the air monitor at the Ravalli County Courthouse in Hamilton reached the level "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups." It got worse during the next few weeks.
The reason - forest fires.
Forest fires in Idaho had been growing rapidly, some with massive amounts of bug-killed t…
US Forest Firefighting Funds Not Fully Funded
Friday, a legislative admendment to restore over $600 million to the Disaster Assistance fund was rejected by the U.S. Congress.
In an Associated Press report, Senator Mark Udall of Colorado criticized the Senate's rejection of his amendment, which was co-sponsored by Montana Senator Jon Tester.…
Montana’s Fire Season – the Worst Since 1910
The 2012 forest fire season burned over 1 million acres of Montana land.
The Northern Rockies coordination Center has released figures for the year and it shows Montana had fire on 1,139,837 acres. That's from a total of 2,128 fires.
A large number of those forest and grassland fires were human-…

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