Old Stereotypes
I’m lucky enough to still have one grandparent left. My grandmother just turned 90 this year. She is not as sharp as she used to be, but I’d be very lucky if I was as healthy as she is when I am 90.
Creepy Disney Characters
My mom was a day care provider while I was growing up and I have kids of my own now, so I have seen my fair share of Disney Movies. I think there was only a five year window where I didn’t see every Disney movie that was released. I could play Disney Trivial Pursuit and clean up every time.
Is it Cat Saturday Yet?
I have to start out by saying that my husband is not a cat lover, in the slightest. However, every Saturday he eagerly awaits the new Cat Saturday posts. He then spends a good half an hour laughing (almost to the point of tears) at cat picture after cat picture.
Clown Shortage
I’m not sure if this is the best news or the worst news I’ve ever heard. It seems that there is a clown shortage, according to the World Clown Association. Apparently this is due to old clowns dying off and no new clowns wanting to fill their giant shoes.
The Difference Between Men and Women is a Nail
The difference between men and women are that women have nails stuck in the foreheads. Not really, but a You Tube video does a great job of outwardly showing the inner difference between men and women. I don’t think I’ve seen anything else that comes close to doing as good of a job at sh…
Trunk Monkey Please? Yes, Thank you
Since we all live in Montana, most of us drive our own vehicles instead of using public transit. It could be because we live a good ways out of town, or because we don’t enjoy riding bikes in Montana’s long winter months. No matter what you drive, or the reason you drive it, vehicle owne…
Kids are Hilariously Wise
Having four kids of my own I get some pretty interesting answers for the questions I ask. Some of my favorite answers come from asking my kids the question they just asked me. I’ll give you an example.
Bear Loves Playground Sports
Everyone loves bears. From Yogi and Balloo, to Paddington and Fozzy, and the Carebears and Winnie the Pooh, we humans have a craving for bears that we can’t seem to satisfy. I’m not sure if it’s their fuzzy wuzzy hair, their cute round ears or their nubby little tails that make the…

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