holiday recipes

Easy Valentine’s Chocolate Cherry Bars
This recipe is one of my dad’s favorites. Well, it’s actually a version of his favorite recipe that I just tweaked a little for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never actually made it for my dad for Valentine’s Day. I thought that might be up to my mother to do that. However, I ha…
Super Simple Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe
Every holiday season since I was a child, my mother has made coffee cakes and given them out to family and friends. It was one of those foods that was a staple around holidays. It was eaten for breakfast, as a snack, and as dessert.
Holiday Oreo Snowmen Pops Recipe
I have seen this little wintery treat all over Pinterest lately. I have wanted to try it, but haven’t been able to find a pin that actually contained a recipe with it. So, I gathered up what ingredients I thought I would need to make the Oreo snowmen pops and went for it.
Holiday Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe
My husband absolutely loves sugar cookies, however I don’t have the same feeling toward them as he does. (It’s safe to say that I could leave them if given the choice). But, because my husband loves them, I do end up making them quite often.
Wintry Minty Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
I love peppermint. Christmas time is great for baking with peppermint. My friend makes a peppermint fudge that is to die for, and she only makes it at Christmas, of course. I like to eat as many goodies made with peppermint as I can this time of year, because it’s very hard to find the rest of…