Family Friendly Holiday Activities in Missoula
According to the good folks over at Missoula Events, here are this week's family friendly holiday activities happening in Missoula. Don't forget to keep an eye on the ZACC as well, they typically have fun ornament crafting projects each Saturday...
5 Terrible and Possibly Cruel Valentine’s Day Gifts
I know it may seem a little early to be discussing Valentine’s Day but it’s coming, ready or not. I thought I would do a public service and help the gentlemen of Missoula out a little bit by letting them know what not to get their ladies. I figure if I can give you guys enough of a heads…
How I Recover from Family Holidays
I’m going to begin by saying that I dearly love my family. Doesn’t everyone love their families? There is nothing better than getting together for holidays and spending time with the people you love, but rarely get to see.
My 8 Favorite Holiday Treats
There is a lot of baking that goes on in my house during the Christmas season. Whether it is with the kids, by myself, with family members or with friends, baking is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Not only is making these holiday goodies fun, it is also satisfying. For your belly that is.
My 5 Favorite Christmas Movies
I don’t usually watch movies, not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t have much free time to do so. However, the holidays are different. During our brief break from sports, school and work, my family and I love to watch Christmas movies...
My 5 Favorite Christmas Candies
Every year at this time my shopping cart and my house are filled with Christmas candy. There are just some holiday treats I can’t make, or just refuse to because they are perfect just the way they are. Don’t believe me, just try to make any one of my favorites better. I bet you can&rsquo…
Holiday Chaos
When did the holidays get so stressful? I don’t remember them being like this when I was a kid. Of course, back then I wasn’t a mom and Santa.
5 Great Secret Santa Gifts
With the Christmas season upon us, it’s time for secret Santas. It doesn’t seem to matter if you work or not, just about any group, club or job you do will have a secret Santa exchange. The hardest part of being a secret Santa is knowing what to get for someone else, especially when the …

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