hunting season

First Hunting Season
My husband and 12-year-old have been walking all over the hills west of Missoula looking for a buck. The past few weeks of constant searching only to turn up nothing was really getting to my preteen. This is the first year he is old enough to hunt.
Hunting Numbers are Up in Every Major Category
A little bit of snow makes a difference. The Darby check station has shown increased numbers in the hunting season this year.
Hunter trips, according to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, are 4,894 for the first three weeks of the season, which is 23 percent up from last year...
Taking My Gun for a Walk
This past weekend I spent many hours taking my gun for a walk. I know to some it may seem like a waste of time, but he had been a really good boy and was just begging me to take him for a walk in the woods.
Deer and Elk Numbers Down in Final Montana General Hunting Week
The more restrictive hunting regulations and mild weather caused the harvest in the general hunting season in Montana to be lower than average. General rifle hunting season ended Sunday.
The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks reported that the Darby check station in the Bitterroot had 24 p…

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