10 Awesome Facts About the Internet You Didn’t Know
And because we can't do cat videos all day every day,* here are ten amazing facts about the internet. From how many likes there are on Facebook daily to the actual weight of the internet, this video just might blow your mind. (Hence the title.) Learn something new today, so you can watch a cat …
Do You Trust the Internet? — Survey of the Day
The scope of the internet is mind-boggling. These days, there is more information available to you on your Smartphone than there is the world’s largest libraries.
But is this information you can so easily access from the web reliable?
Smartphones May Soon Work Even Slower
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says wireless resources are not infinite.
In fact, the smartphones to which we’re all so addicted are gobbling so much bandwidth that as early as next year, we could be paying more for our service — not to mention seeing slower data speeds and a…