5 Ways to Save Money on Your 2013 Taxes
It's hard to believe it's already the middle of tax season. 2013 is off to a fast clip, and unfortunately this means that Tax Day is right around the corner. You could bury your head in the sand until you hit April 14 panic mode, or this year you could give yourself a burst of energy and s…
Pirate’s Ransom and 5 Other Weird Tax Write-Offs
Tax time can be very frustrating when you realize you’re not going to get as big of a refund as you were expecting, or worse, you’re going to have to send the IRS a check. So it’s no wonder people might ask if their pet counts as a dependent (it doesn’t) or if they can write …
Could Virtual IRS Audits Someday Be a Reality?
Finding out you’re being audited by the IRS can be pretty scary, especially when you have to meet with an auditor in person. But what if you could deal with the whole mess via video-conferencing from the comfort of your own home?