july 4

Fireworks – Make ‘Em Happen Again in Hamilton
Last year, the Hamilton July 4th fireworks display nearly didn't happen.
The city provided over $4,000 and local businesses, organizations and individuals put up the rest to cover the $10,000 show.
This year, again, the City of Hamilton has set up an account and deposited $2,500 to get things st…
Fireworks Fund Starts Again for 2012
The City of Hamilton is again budgeting $2,500 for a public fireworks display July 4th of 2012.
Mayor Jerry Steele said the same account was opened last year and only a last minute large donation allowed the display to happen. He said the cost was about $12,000...
Fund the 4th of July Fireworks
In order to have a "bang-up" fireworks display in Hamilton on the 4th of July, the community needs to raise some money. The City of Hamilton was successful last year in getting things rolling with a donation and is repeating the offer this year...