Lake Como

Lake Como Boat Launch Will Close During Logging
The trees around Lake Como have been attacked by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Many trees have died and others are dying, causing a safety hazard for people who visit the area.
One logging operation was completed last year and another has begun to make the area safe for recreation...
More Beetle-killed Trees to be Removed at Lake Como
The Bitterroot National Forest is heading back to Lake Como to remove more trees that have been killed or are dying from infestations of the Mountain Pine Beetle.
Logging has been conducted over the past year, and now another project on 210 acres will remove trees from campgrounds and areas on the so…
The Shifting Sands of Como Lake
The beach area at Lake Como northwest of Darby has been transformed over the last few years into a convenient gathering place for summer visitors.
In fact, the Lake Como area is the top recreation area for the Northern Region of the U.S. Forest Service...
Winter Arrives at Lake Como
Tracks head on out onto the thickening ice at Lake Como, northwest of Darby. The lake's water level recedes to its historic shoreline (pre-dam) in the winter, revealing much of the lake bottom.
The popular recreation area is a lot quieter this time of the year...
New Rules for Wolf Traps in Lake Como Area
A wolf trap set near a popular cross country ski trail caused the Bitterroot National Forest Supervisor to issue new trapping restrictions in the Lake Como area.
Supervisor Julie King is signing an order to require 150-foot setbacks from the cross country trails near Lake Como...

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