Missoula Contestant on The Price Is Right
There is one television show that all people would love to be on, everyone's favorite game show, The Price Is Right! One Missoula resident got that opportunity. Her name is Cassie Meyer and the show will air tomorrow (3/25/15) 9am on CBS...
Montana Boy Skipped Pop For a Year to Win $500
As people across the United States struggle to stick to their New Year's Resolutions, an 11-year-old Montana boy is offering lessons in self-discipline and delayed gratification after winning a $500 prize from his parents for skipping sugary drinks for a year.
Cheesy Money
There’s a joke around our house about paying each other with knowledge. It all started one day when we were sitting around talking and my husband had mentioned how he had paid a bill over the phone and how he had randomly told the person who assisted him on the phone a little factoid. He then commen…

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