Montana Senator Tester

US Senate Hears Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act
A US Senate panel heard Senator Jon Tester's Forest Jobs and Recreation Act as part of a dozen public lands bills in a hearing Tuesday.
Tester said, "For more than 30 years, everybody has been losing on our national forests. This Forest Jobs and Recreation Act is the product of a lot of…
Sen. Tester Says Rural Phone Landlines are Failing
Montana Senator Jon Tester wants the Federal Communications Commission to improve phone service in rural areas.
Tester, in a press release this week, said that many people in rural areas still depend on traditional landline telephones for everything from business and personal calls to emergencies...
Post Office Closures Delayed
Decisions about possible US Post Office closings will be delayed until May of 2012. The Postal Service made the announcement Dec 14, saying that Congress would get time to address to agency's financial problems.
US Senator from Montana Jon Tester reacted favorably to the announcement, saying that…