Trump Rally Highlights from Billings, Montana
We were there for the rally featuring President Donald Trump at the Metra in Billings, Montana. If you want to catch some of the highlights, below is compilation of tweets, Facebook posts, and some videos that we shared of President Trump's rally. You can also see the Secret Service standing ri…
USS Montana Crew Visiting State Soon
US Navy Commander Michael Delaney and Electronics Technician Second Class Evan Glenn of Bozeman will be in Billings on September 20th to share information about the USS Montana, a new Virginia Class fast attack submarine that will bear the state’s name.
Video: Zinke Talks Fires at White House Cabinet Meeting
President Trump talked about the need to "gently" and "beautifully" remove the dead and dying trees that are fueling larger fires in our nation's forests. During the cabinet meeting, he called on Zinke to give a recap of his visit to the frontlines to the nation's most …

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