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Watch Billy Crystal’s Wonderful Eulogy For Muhammad Ali
Comedian and actor Billy Crystal had been close friends with Muhammad Ali for many years, beginning with his appearance at an event honoring the legendary boxer in 1974. That moment — featured on ABC — helped launch Crystal’s career, and the comedian and boxer remained friends u…
Montanan Remembers Talking With Muhammad Ali
The Muhammad Ali Memorial Service was broadcast live on TV on Friday and one Montanan had a special connection to the late legend. Retired Ambassador Mark Johnson of the Montana World Affairs Council spoke to Ali during the Iran Hostage Crisis and shared it with KGVO for the first time.
Report: Muhammad Ali is Gravely Ill [UPDATED]
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is 'very sick,' and his family fears 'The Greatest' may soon 'pass away,' says Ali's brother Rahman Ali. Rahman told a newspaper that the former heavyweight champion is gravely ill and can no longer speak.