Asteroid DA14 will Slip by Earth – Very Close
If you listen regularly to KLYQ's overnight program "Coast to Coast AM," you know that an asteroid is going to zip by the Earth on February 15.
Some have predicted that the rock will hit the Earth, but the scientists at NASA, who track all the "Earth-crossing" asteroids out there …
Wanna See Something Cool? Part One 2013
I created this series to show off some amazing photos and videos from around the world and from out in space.
I did a few of these back in 2012 and we begin 2013 with an image from New Zealand. A video using an extreme telephoto lens with some accompanying music creates a memorable scene...
What About the Other Rovers on Mars?
While the headlines from the science world are coming from the Curiosity Mars rover, not much is being published about older rovers on the planet.
The trophy for the "Little Rover That Could" should go to Opportunity, which is now starting its 10th year on the red planet...
Wanna See Something Cool? And Slightly Scary?
Time for one of our regular visits to the world of science.
At the center of our Milky Way galaxy, there is a black hole. The gravity force at a black hole is so great that light can not escape.
The Milky Way hole is a supermassive black hole - which means it is bigger than many other black holes in s…

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