How Much Weight Do Ex-Smokers Put On After Quitting?
Since nicotine is an appetite suppressant and a stimulant, a fear of weight gain is one reason many smokers cite for refusing to quit.
And a new report stating ex-smokers pack on more pounds than previously thought probably won’t help matters any — but all may not be as it seems.
Lose Weight With A Good Night’s Sleep
The weight loss industry has come out with a seemingly unending supply of new miracle products meant to help us in our pursuits to fit into a smaller pair of jeans, but, according to a new study, the most helpful diet tools might just be a comfortable pillow and a solid eight hours
U.S. Obesity Related Cancers Increase
There has been a steady drop in in the cancer death rate in the United States, but obesity related cancers, such as kidney cancer, is on the rise, according to the American Cancer Society’s annual report.

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