The Worst Oscar-Nominated Movies of All Time
Every year, when the Oscar nominations are announced, a considerable amount of time is spent debating who was snubbed. But for every film that was expecting to get nominated and didn't, there's a film that no one was expecting to get nominated and did. This is the story of those films. The…
Memories of a Beatles Sunday Night
Sunday night, As I watched the 50-year anniversary special of the Beatles appearing on American TV, I remembered watching the live broadcast in 1964. Yes, I’m that old… and proud of it.
Now, believe or not, the Fullerton family in isolated Hamilton, Montana, had advance knowledge of the …
Prescription Drug Side Effects – Are They For Real?
Have you seen the ads on TV for all of the prescription drugs that claim to heal one ailment or another? It seems that these ads are all over the TV and claim to heal everything from depression and smoking to psoriasis and migraines. They seem to have the cure for just about everything nowadays.

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