power outage

Outside Investigators To Probe Super Bowl Blackout
Why was there a power failure during Super Bowl XLVII? No one is certain yet, but Superdome authorities and a power provider have agreed to use an outside firm to investigate the cause of the power outage that stopped Sunday's game for 34 minutes...
See the Power Go Out During Super Bowl XLVII
A power surge at the Superdome in New Orleans knocked out a number of the lights causing play to be disrupted (sabotage by the 49ers perhaps?). The delay is expected to be up to a half hour long. Let's hope the break doesn't mess with anyone's focus.
Power Outage In Missoula
KLYQ in Hamilton gets its satellite programming through our main Townsquare Media facility in Missoula.
A "wind event" has caused power outages in parts of Missoula, including our building, which has caused our audio to stop on our stations...