What and Who Are You?
It seems that every day I peruse Facebook, someone has posted a quiz of some kind or another. I have to admit that I take almost every one of them.
You Think You Know the Bitterroot Valley?
The Bitterroot Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Montana - especially in the summer. Winter snow melts and fills the Bitterroot River with water to float on and fish to catch. Spring rains turn the valley green. Moose and deer frolic through backyards and main streets. Take the quiz to f…
Just How Well Do You Know the Bitterroot Valley… Again!
The thing about sequels is that they are always welcome as long as the previous installment generated enough goodwill with the public. It seems you folks really embraced the Bitterroot Valley quiz we published last week, and so we’re back this week with part two!