radio show

Victor School Radio Show on KLYQ Sunday
At the beginning of the month, Victor High School students, under the direction of Amber Lynch, put on a classic old time radio show at the Mary Stuart Rogers Performing Arts Center.
The radio show included a stage full of actors, sound effects, musical numbers and live commercials...
Leo LaPorte Rearranges the TWiT Shows on YouTube
Each weekend, KLYQ is happy to present the latest tech news and tips from Leo LaPorte, the Tech Guy.
Many of our listeners already know about (and view) the TWiT on-line community of shows, including the offerings on YouTube.
Well, they've given each of the over 20 TWiT programs their own YouTube…
Travel the World on the Radio
Every Saturday and Sunday, Rudy Maxa brings you the world on KLYQ Radio. He has two full hours of information for you - we have him on the air from 3-4pm on Saturday and from 11 to 12noon on Sunday.
Among the subjects this weekend (July 8-9) you'll learn about the 100th anniversary of some par…