Ravalli County

UPDATE – Two Hospitalized After Ravalli County Plane Crash
Update: 5:00 p.m. - A press release sent by the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office has verified that an injured pilot and his passenger were transported to Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, and later to a Missoula hospital on Friday with unknown injuries after a plane crashed on the 4100 block of Hig…
(Almost) FINAL RESULTS – Ravalli County General Election
TIME: 11 pm (700 votes left to be counted)
Amanda Curtis D 5276
Steve Daines R 10,436
Roger Roots L 324
US Rep
Mike Fellows L 678
John Lewis D 5344
Ryan Zinke R 9951
Supreme court Justice 1
W. David Herbert 2790
Jim Rice 9371
Supreme court Justice 2
Lawrence VanDyke 6295
Mike Wheat 7880

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