Simple Valentine’s Day M&M Cookie Recipe
This is a great recipe to make for your kids and with your kids. After all, what kids don’t love M&M’s? I know mine will eat an entire 5 pound bag in one sitting if I don’t watch them. They also love cookies, so what better than to marry their two favorite chocolate goodies…
Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cookies Recipe
Valentine’s Day is the one day a year set aside to let that special someone in your life know just how much you care for them. What better way is there to let your honey know you love them then with food? Living with five males has made me realize just how true it is that the quickest way to a…
5 Simple Super Bowl Snacks
I’m not a big football fan. However, if I’m going to force myself to watch one football game a year, it’s going to be the Super Bowl. There are only two good things about the Super Bowl: Food and Commercials. If it wasn’t for those two things my life would be blissfully free …
Best Breakfast Sandwiches Ever Recipe
Have you had any of the delicious breakfast sandwich choices they have at fast food chains? I’ll admit that every now and then I eat them. They can get a little expensive to eat every day.
Simple Baking Mix Recipe
Being a busy mom, I don’t always have time to make things from scratch. I absolutely love mixes, they make my life a lot easier. A couple things I buy in mixes are cakes, brownies, pancakes and biscuits. I’m not sure that my family would be able to eat without these.
Super Simple Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe
Winter time is soup time in my house. You just can’t get by with serving soup for dinner when its 90 degrees outside. However, when the high for the week is in the 30s, not much tastes better for dinner than a nice steamy bowl of soup.
Crockpot Baked Potato Soup Recipe
I have been in search of some great new crockpot recipes to add to my list of regulars. I’ve been getting a little tired of the same few recipes over and over. After scouring a few of my favorite sites, I’ve come across a few recipes that will make a nice change from the same old, same o…
Easy Creamy Avocado Fettuccine Recipe
I never ate avocados when I was younger. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t like them, or if it’s because we didn’t have them very often. However, I absolutely love them now. I like them in salads, as guacamole and even just plain.
Crockpot Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe
If there is one thing my house full of little carnivores love, it’s pig. They love everything from ham shanks and bacon to ribs and sausage. No matter what cut of pig we seem to have, or how it is seasoned, the boys in my house love it. So, when I came across this recipe that was a bit of a tw…

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