Pope John Paul II Will Be Named a Saint
Pope John Paul II, who headed the Catholic Church from 1978 through his death in 2005, will soon officially become a saint.
The sainthood was expected for the widely beloved pope, for whom thousands of Catholics chanted "Santo subito" ("Sainthood now”) in St...
11-Year-Old Boy Becomes Ordained Minister
While most young boys are focused on playing video games, Ezekiel Stoddard of Temple Hills, MD, is more concerned with preaching the gospel to his congregation. You see, Stoddard recently became an ordained minister at only 11-years-old.
Voters – Atheist Candidate Or Mormon — Survey
If Mitt Romney is able to capture the Republican nomination for president there will be much talk about his Mormon faith and whether voters will be willing to pull the lever for someone who belongs to a religion that only about two percent of Americans practice.