The iPhone 5 Has Officially Begun Its Global Takeover
A wave of tech-geek psychosis blanketed the earth early Friday morning, as all the iPhone fanatics of the world lined up to infiltrate Apple retail outlets in a desperate attempt to finally get their hands on the new iPhone 5.
Many of these fiends had been waiting in line since as early as Monday, ca…
Political Gaffe Helps Etch A Sketch Sales Skyrocket
During an interview earlier this week, an advisor to Mitt Romney inadvertently made a comment that is now likely to stick with the GOP hopeful for the duration of the campaign season, and it’s lead to a boom in sales for a very old and largely forgotten toy: the Etch A Sketch.
JC Penney Favors Permanent Discounts [VIDEO]
For a die-hard shopper, there’s little more frustrating than buying something at full-price, only to see it go on sale shortly thereafter.
To ward that off, retailing giant JC Penney has announced that starting Feb. 1, it’s discounting all merchandise by at least 40 percent — perman…