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Montana Teens Save Man’s Life
I have to give a little shout out to my home town, right now. It seems that a handful of track students from Frenchtown High School saved a man’s life this past weekend after a track meet. The man was having a seizure in his car in a grocery store parking lot and the teens acted quickly to get…
10 Adorable Animals Trying to Play Soccer
The world's most popular sport isn't just for humans. In addition to robots, animals are also quite smitten with the sport, perhaps because it doesn't require opposable thumbs. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain -- when animals get their paws on a soccer ball, d'awwwws…
Wet Weather Did Not Stop the Divisional High School Action
Corvallis tennis teams dominated last weekend in the Southwestern A Divisional Tournament in Hamilton and Corvallis.
Corvallis won both divisonal team titles and all four Singles and Doubles championships.
Team Scores:
Boys - Corvallis 50, Butte Central 49, Hamilton 23, Stevensville 23, Dillon 5
Girls -…

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