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District 6B Basketball Tournament Starts in Hamilton
Tournament time comes to Hamilton again this year.
The Hamilton High School gymnasium will play host to the District 6B boys and girls basketball tournament Friday and Saturday, February 15 and 16.
The schedule of District 6B games at Hamilton High School:
12 noon - Girls - Deer Lodge vs St Ignat…
Best Flies for Catching Fish During Winter in Montana
I’m sorry to inform you that this list is going to be rather short, as the fish naturally have limited real flies to choose from this time of year. This means, we don’t have very many tied flies that will work in the winter. My husband is an avid fly fisherman, even in the winter months.…
Weird Hockey Injuries That Didn’t Happen on the Ice
Hockey is known for being a rough sport. It is the definition of full contact. I don’t think I’ve ever met a hockey player who had all his teeth. Hockey players are notorious for getting in fights and getting injured. So, I’ve dug up a list of professional hockey players, who susta…
Missoula Pond Hockey Tournament Update – New Date
Originally, the 2013 Missoula Pond Hockey Tournament was scheduled for January 26-27, but due to dissatisfactory weather that could impact ice conditions on our rinks, we have changed the date for our tournament to February 2-3.
Hamilton High School has Winter Sports Meeting
Hamilton High School is having their season-starting Winter Sports parent and athlete meeting Tuesday night, November 13.
The winter sports are girls and boys basketball, wrestling and cheerleading.
The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. in the Hamilton High School commons area...
Hamilton High Hosts Divisional Volleyball
The Hamilton Broncs will face the Stevensville Yellowjackets in the first game of Southwestern A Divisional Volleyball tournament this weekend in Hamilton. Corvallis and Anaconda earned first round byes in the 6-team tournament.
The girls take the floor at 6 p...

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