Staying Safe in the Sun
In Montana, we spend the majority of the year hiding beneath thick layers of clothing. But when the sun comes out, so should the suncreen.
Ahhhh, Spring – Second Take [Part V] [AUDIO]
Today we wrap-up our look behind the headlines at what needs to be done around the garden and around the house.  Or, just catching-up to the change of temperature and daylight.
Our show today looks at bringing the garden down to size – gardening in straw bales, containers, or by the square…
Ahhhh, Spring – Second Take [Part IV] [AUDIO]
This week we’re going behind the headlines for a look at what we can do to get ready for Spring.  More often than not, it’s what we can do to catch-up to Spring!  Roses and trees are among the most challenging plants around the home and garden...
Ahhhh, Spring – Second Take [Part III] [AUDIO]
Even though Spring comes to the Northern Rockies a little bit at a time, now is the time to get busy in the garden and the landscape.  For some of us, hints from a garden professional are always welcome.
Today’s guest is Bev Gutman, owner of Marchie’s Nursery...
Wasps And Yellow Jackets – Watch Out! [AUDIO]
The first warm days of spring bring wasps, hornets and yellow jackets out in droves. The queens are building nests and the chance of being stung is high. Because of the mild winter and early warm weather, the insects are very aggressive and looking for food.
Ahhhh, Spring – Second Take [AUDIO]
If you’re like most of us, there’s a long list of things you could be doing to get ready for spring.  How do you prioritize which projects move to the top of the list and which ones get pushed back?  The advice of an expert can really help...

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