Montana Ranked 16th For Women’s Equality
The power and influence of women in America has grown exponentially over the years ever since the introduction of the 19th Amendment. But even still, many women are not treated fairly, let alone equal to their male counterparts.
Which state in America is considered best for women's equality? Hin…
Pregnancy Brain – Worst Case Scenario
What seriously happens to women when they get pregnant? I guess I can’t just blame it on the women, because it seems like some men don’t think right either then. I guess it could possibly be that they are afraid of their ever growing significant other’s that they just go along with…
For Women Only
Ladies, do you remember your preteen years? Do you remember those talks you had with your girlfriends? The ones who had older sisters? The talks about the red death? The crimson tide? Aunt Flo?
Makeup Confidence
Here’s a joke that my boys love to tell. Question. Why do girls wear makeup and perfume? Answer. Because they’re ugly and they stink. Funny, right? Maybe if you’re a 10-year old boy who still thinks that girls are gross and may possibly have cooties.

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