World War II

June 6 – The 69th Anniversary of WWII’s D-Day Invasion
Today, June 6, 2013, is the 69th anniversary of the world's largest amphibious landing in 1944, World War II's Operation Neptune - D-Day.
It was part of the the European invasion by the Allied forces- Operation Overlord. Over 6,000 ships from eight countries were involved and 160,000 soldie…
French Honors to World War II Vets in Hamilton Saturday
Five Montana World War II veterans will be presented medals from the country of France Saturday in Hamilton.
Deputy Consul General of France Corinne Pereira and Honorary consul of France in Montana Laurence Markarian will give medals to the veterans at the all-war veterans monument, next to Heironymu…
What the Hell IS That? – Part One [VIDEO]
I'm starting a new series on our website called "What the hell IS that?" and I'll feature something odd and unusual that you may not know.
This first photo is from Great Britain. No, the War of the Worlds tri-pod machines from Mars didn't land in English channel...