Traffic on willow Creek Road and Butterfly Road #364 near Corvallis will be sharing the road with some logging trucks soon.

The Bitterroot National Forest is  expecting log trucks to be transporting about 30 truckloads of logs from the area around last year's Up Top forest fire. The blaze was part of the 41 Complex of wildfires on the Darby Ranger District east of Corvallis in the Sapphire Mountains.

The 140,000 board feet of logs were cut and stacked last summer as containment lines were established around the fire.

The Up Top bundles timber sale was purchased by Tricon Timber this year and trucks are scheduled to haul starting about July 30th. The trucks should be on the roads during the weekdays only for about two weeks, officials said. The logs are being hauled to the Tricon Mill in St Regis.