The ill-fated Lolo Luge Run in the hills behind Lolo Hot Springs had been set up and the icy course snaked through the trees when I saw it in January 1966.

My family and I walked the course and took a few photos. The most impressive part of the run was the huge ending corner, which was designed to turn the luge sled back uphill to slow to a stop.

That afternoon, we didn't see anyone attempt the course, which looked like it needed more work on the banks.

We all hoped that the future would be bright for the fledgling effort, but the weather did not cooperate the next two years. We probably saw the run at its most complete on that walk through the woods in 1966.

Compare that with the amazing runs in the Olympics this month, which are constructed in a completely different and high-tech way.

Farther down the Lolo Luge in 1966. (Fullerton Photo Archive)