Wednesday, the three men who represent Montana in the US Congress had coffee together.

The First "Constituent Breakfast" for Representative-elect Steve Daines, Senior Senator Max Baucus and re-elected Senator Jon Tester was Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

The three shared a news release this week and all stressed working across party lines for the good of Montana.

Sen. Tester said, "I look forward to teaming up with Steve (Daines) to make responsible decisions for Montana. Steve and I have had some good conversations about the best ways to put Montana priorities first, and I will keep working with Steve and Max to create jobs, cut our debt and support Montana's small businesses."

Congressman-elect Daines said, "Montana has three representatives in Washington, D.C. It's crucial that we work together to serve the people and represent the interests of our state."

And Sen. Baucus remarked, "Too often, the deck is stacked against rural states like it's all the more important that we work together to fight for what's right for Montana."

The remarks were made at a weekly breakfast the Montana Senators have for Montanans who are in Washington. Baucus started the breakfasts for all Montanans 15 years ago.