The Ravalli County election results are being tabulated. Earlier today, the 7,586 absentee ballots were counted. Those numbers have been posted by the officials at the Ravalli County Courthouse.

Now, we wait for the results to come in from the precinct voting today.

TIME: 8:30 PM Absentee votes ONLY (7,506 votes counted)
Amanda Curtis D 2745
Steve Daines R 4619
Roger Roots L 155

US Rep
Mike Fellows L 325
John Lewis D 2790
Ryan Zinke R 4380

Supreme court Justice 1
W. David Herbert 1207
Jim Rice 4593

Supreme court Justice 2
Lawrence VanDyke 2550
Mike Wheat 3981

District Court Judge
Retain James Haynes
YES 5356
NO 1220

State Senator Dist 43
Pat Connell R 2614
Robert Schumacher D 1202

State Rep Dist 85
Theresa Manzella R 1318
James William Youso D 728

State Rep Dist 86
Ron Ehli R 1045
Nancy A Schneider D 785

State Rep Dist 87
Nancy Ballance R 1079
Erin O’Leary Houtchens D 548

State Rep Dist 88
Edward Greef R 1031
Dan Metully D 738

County Commissioner Dist 1
Ray Hawk R 4506
Mark West D 2782

County Commissioner Dist 4
Jeff Burrows R 3779
Clint Burson D 3512

County Commissioner Dist 5
Marlin Ostrander Sr D 3183
Doug Schallenberger R 4115

County Treasurer
Mary Kay Browning D 2755
Dan Whitesitt R 4587

Justice of the Peace Dept 1
Jim Pearson 2714
Jennifer Bedey Ray 3960

Justice of the Peace Dept 2
Jim Bailey 4241
Michael Rocky Bailey 2188

Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg R unopposed
Sheriff Chris Hoffman R unopposed
County Attorney Bill Fulbright R unopposed

CA 45 – Auditor to Commissioner of Securities and Insurance
Yes 3000
No 3985

Legislative Referendum 126 Deadline for voter registration from election day to Friday before
YES 3297
NO 6985

Ravalli County Fairgrounds 5-mill levy
YES 2396
NO 5004