It took a long time, but the final, unofficial general election results for Ravalli County were finally counted early Wednesday afternoon. The problem was an unusually sensitive ballot-counting machine and over 10,000 folded mail-in ballots. The machine, at one point, would jam up on the folds on almost every other ballot. A technician got things straightened out Wednesday morning and with a few more jams, the count was completed by 2 p.m.

These are the final, unofficial results for local races. The official canvass of the votes will be November 20.

State Senate District 45
Fred Thomas (Rep) 5,880
Dan Metully (Dem) 3,411
Rob McCoy (Lib) 784

State House District 87
Jan Wisniewski (Dem) 410
Pat Connell (Rep) 3,387
Karen Fisher (Lib) 379

State House District 88
Pam Erickson (Dem) 1,588
Ron Ehli (Rep) 2,553
Stephen Rodriguez (Lib) 180

State House District 89
Nancy Ballance (Rep) 3290
Peggy Steffes (Dem) 1496
Andy Elwell (Lib) 328

State House District 90
Edward Greef (Rep) 3,242
Toby Martin (Lib) 1,183

County Offices

Ravalli County Commission District 2
Greg Chilcott (Rep) 11,983
David Smith (Dem) 7,136

Ravalli County Commission District 3
J.R. Iman (unopposed) 14,694

Ravalli County Commission District 4
Jeff Burrows (Rep) 10,229
John Ormiston (Dem) 6,781
Nancy Joy Valk (Ind) 2,008

Clerk of District Court
Page Allen Trautwein (Rep) 15,520

Marie Keeton (Rep) 15,298

There were 11,712 people casting their ballots at the polling places on election day Tuesday. However, it was a new record for absentee ballots, many of them mailed in - 10,603.