The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office continues to evacuate homes in the path of the Roaring Lion forest fire, which is burning on Bitterroot National Forest land and private land southwest of Hamilton.

Fire Information Assistant to Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman is Mary Williams. She talked to Townsquare Media News Sunday evening. "There are a minimum of 500 homes that are under an evacuation order," Williams said. "They skipped Stage One and went right to Stage Two. They're telling everybody to just get out."

In Ravalli County, Stage One evacuation is a warning of possible evacuation. Stage Two is the actual evacuation. Law Officers go door-to-door alerting residents.

Williams said, "This is not a preliminary evacuation, this is an evacuation order. Those evacuation notices are being handled by the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office, the Stevensville Police Department and the Hamilton Police Department."

Williams said traffic is being detoured off of US 93 south of Hamilton around the area.

"Traffic is being detoured from Highway 93 at Skalkaho Road, and from the south onto Old Darby Road. Sheriff Hoffman is also asking non-residents to stay away from the area, to keep the roads clear for emergency and firefighting vehicles."

Williams also said the fire has exploded to over 1,800 acres, and Sheriff Hoffman has extended Stage Two evacuations as far south as Lost Horse Road. This is the second time this year that Lost Horse Road residents have been threatened by forest fires.

Fire departments from throughout the Bitterroot Valley are responding, including trucks from Missoula.