If you don't believe we have record-level snowpack, just try to get into the high backcountry of the Bitterroots. Todd McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest reported many roads are still closed because of blockages of not inches, but feet of snow.
Forest Supervisor Julie King said, "...our road crews are reporting 12-foot snow drifts where would normally see 1 to 2 feet of snow this time of year."
Visitors should check with local ranger stations or the Bitterroot National Forest Supervisors Office in Hamilton before heading out into the woods.
Motorists are also advised to stay off soft and muddy roads to minimize repair to road surfaces later in the year. And, with the high water season continuing, be aware of unsafe situations with streams and creeks that could experience flooding in hot weather.
Simple tips - if the mountain road you're on has deep soft ruts or there's water running over the road -- turn around!
Updated closures can be found at the Bitterroot Forest website.