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It is around that time of the year when college students scramble out of their place, and into another place. Moving time! Whether that be the lovely dorm experience at The University of Montana, or the six-bedroom house in the South Hills, it is time for a change!

I recently had the luxury of doing this exact thing. As miserable as moving out can be, there are definitely some specifics that made this an interesting use of time and energy.


Third story apartments: This is number one. How wonderful it is to maneuver a wide array of second-hand living room furniture through way-too-skinny walkways, all while walking backwards on steep, ancient steps. There is truly an adrenaline rush knowing that each awkward step backwards just might result in a broken neck.


Moving out with females only: As if it wasn’t tricky enough with the HEAVY furniture and awkward angles, throw four girls into the mix ranging from age 20 to 53. Voila. A whole new form of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong; we did WORK. But it was humorous to see how each of us thought we were ‘helping’ when we undoubtedly were making things worse. “No, mom, please don’t try to help lift the old-school TV while we are nearly there.” Your intentions couldn’t be sweeter, but seriously… NOT making this easier, dollface! Not to mention the random crap you hear while moving. It’s like a big gossip-fest, but there is this weird tension and frustration of multiple sweaty girls who are HUNGRY. I think my favorite was my cousin’s deep-voiced chant of “BUFFALO WIIIILD WINGS.” Cute.

The placement of the parked U-Haul: We thought it would be oh-so-smart to get the U-Haul as close as possible to the bottom of the stairs so we didn’t have to carry box springs and mini fridges as far. It really was a bright idea, and saved me from a few more fingers getting pinched while hauling dressers. However, I can’t agree that it was a genius idea to get smacked in the face by a pine tree branch EVERY SINGLE TIME we hauled something into the U-Haul. Proximity comes with a price, apparently.

Notice: These things all made moving out an EXPERIENCE. Not necessarily a bad one! So, don’t be scared of those awkward angles and rickety stairs. Grab a group of mid-aged girls and show the world that we can make moving out look just as easy as guys. Say stupid stuff and expect to get a little irritated (while somehow maintaining a fun atmosphere). But, take my advice; PARK AWAY FROM PINE TREES. Trim a freakin’ branch or something! It’ll all be worth it when you’re moving into that new place and getting a fresh start. At least, that’s what I told myself.
Jordan Sullivan is a current student-athlete at The University of Montana where she is a member of the Lady Griz basketball team. She grew up in Sidney, Montana, and is working towards a degree in Marketing.