I don’t care if they say it’s “the greatest show on Earth,” and the Super Bowl may attract more viewers than any other event on television, but I’m still not watching. It may seem almost impossible to avoid, but there are other things going on Super Bowl Sunday for those of us who couldn’t care less about the modern day gladiator show down between… wait, which two teams are playing again this year? Something about a rematch from 2008…

Now, for your anti-football enjoyment, here are my suggestions for how to have a fun non-Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Hit up up the mountain, or go Nordic skiing. **LISTENER SUGGESTION**
  • Watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet – much more fun than football!
  • Go shopping – No one else is going to be out and about, so take advantage of empty stores and no traffic!
  • Ice fishing. Enough said.
  • The weather is supposed to be nice, head to Seeley or the Flathead area for a ‘small town Sunday’ with family.
  • Hike the “M”
  • Lounging with popcorn, ice cream and movies in the ‘other room’ of the house. **STAFF PICK**
  • Ice skating at Glacier Ice Rink.
  • SLEEP IN & DO NOTHING – with the TV OFF of course! **MY PICK**