(With additional information from the Associated Press)
A missing Twin Otter aircraft carrying three Canadians has apparently crashed in the Queen Alexandra Range of mountains near the Beardmore Glacier. The plane was flying from the South Pole (see photo) to Terra Nova Bay Wednesday.

The plane's emergency locator began transmitting late Wednesday about 280 miles north of the South Pole. The locator stopped working Thursday night during high winds and snow, and officials have not been able to establish radio contact.

High winds and blowing snow have prevented searchers from finding the crash site for two days. They do not know if the crew is alive. The plane has survival gear on board.

The pilot has been identified as Bob Heath from the Northwest Territories, an experienced pilot in both the Antarctic and the Arctic. The Twin Otter plane is owned and operated by Kenn Borek Air Ltd of Calgary.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper said a camp was being set up about 50 kilometers from the last broadcast of the emergency beacon.